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    01/01-1970 136

    Safety issues of gravity casting

    Gravity casting aluminum alloy should melt the aluminum block into aluminum water, and then pour it into the mold to form, which inevitably has certain safety hazards.

    Red castings, as well as splashing molten iron, once encountered flammable and explosive materials, the consequences are not to be imagined. Moreover, there is a slight inadvertentness in the production process, and there may be a burnt metal liquid that is melted. Inadvertently touching high temperature castings can also be burnt.

    The mechanical equipment in the casting process should be operated correctly to avoid accidents or abnormal operation accidents. During the operation of the casting cleaning equipment, it is necessary to do a good job of preventing the damage caused by dust on the human body.

    Aluminum casting manufacturers remind everyone to pay attention to the damage caused by high temperature and heat radiation, as well as the damage caused by noise pollution.