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    Ningbo Ruina Engineering Co., Ltd. was founded in 2008, specialized in die casting and metal parts machining. After years of development Ruina became a professional, comprehensive and reliable middle sized ODM provider in engineering area.

    We are certificated with ISO 9001 standard.We have over 100 emlpoyees work at design, production and quality control sections. We have total 12 casting machine which the maxium is 1600T. there are over 40 CNC machine equipped and help to support customer with high precision machining products.

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    welcome to Ruina Engineering


    "FU" is a special character in Chinese culture. Many Chinese are interested in researching its culture and calligraphy. Itscalligraphies are over 10,000 and are increasing as time goes by, among which two calligraphies are very popular among Chinese.Let's introduce the cultural meaning of the two "FU" now.

    Story of the First "FU" in World by Kangxi

    Grandma-empress -Xiaozhuang suddenly got severe and lingering illness when she was going to be 60years old in 1673. Under helpless, Kangxi decided to try "pray for blessing" and wrote the character of"FU"at a stretch. Then Grandma-empress Xiaozhuang recovered and stayed healthy and ended with 75 yearsold. After that, Kangxi tried to re-write the character but he could not write the verve of character any more.And the "FU" is deemed to be "great FU from God" among the people.

    Origin of Pingan FU"

    "Ping'an FU" was created by Lv Guoming in 2008. The character of "FU" was formed by calligraphy ofChinese character of "Ping" and Chinese character of "An". "Ping" had the same figure with "He". Andtradition character of "FU" contains pictographic of Chinese character "Yi and Shi" (clothes and foods).Therefore, the FU" contains meaning of harmony.

    Tradition of Pasting "FU" during Spring Festival

    Pasting spring couplets during Spring Festival is the most dynamic "FU" culture. Each family will pastecharacter of "FU" in big or small on doors, walls and door headers during Spring Festival. It is our deep-seated custom among people. According to Meng Liang Lu written by Wu Zimu - a writer of our south Songdynasty: all families will clean doors, change door god, hang up Zhong Kui, put up spring tablet and offersacrifices to ancestors...."Put up spring tablet" means write Chinese character of"FU" on a red paper.

    Interpret "FU" Culture

    "FU" culture is a native culture in China. It has wild coverage and it is penetrated into people's life with thousands of years of historical change and development in past. It reflects the life philosophy and value ofChinese. "FU" meant blessing" and "fortune" in past. But now, it is "happiness". NO matter at present or in past, thereis a common wish among all Chinese, i.e., to pray for blessing. It reflects people's longing for happy life andtheir wish for bright future.

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    We are a professional charcoal enterprise in manufacturing, producing, and exporting. Our main products are: 1.Shisha charcoal(Cube/finger/Silver/pillow/pellets, and different shape charcoal), 2.BBQ charcoal( triangle/square/hexagon charcoal) ,3.Activated carbon for household and industry.

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